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Jawfish: Convert RSS & Atom Feeds to Content for Your Website

Add auto-updating content to your website
Jawfish uses JavaScript or frames to display and automatically update content from any of thousands of publishers, big and small, on your website, keeping your site fresh, topical, and up-to-date.

Works with any website -- no programming & nothing to install
Jawfish does not require server-side scripting, so it works with any website. Use our web-based control panel to pick a feed and customize its appearance. Then copy a little piece of HTML code that we give you and paste it into your webpage. The rest is automatic. (Note: if your site is PHP-powered, you can install CaRP, the program at the heart of Jawfish, on your own server.)

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Free sample newsfeed
For a free taste of Jawfish, copy the following script or iframe code into your webpage to display the latest New York Times news headlines, or enter the address of an RSS or Atom feed of your choice! For a newsfeed custom formatted to match your site, sign up for a free trial account.

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Filtering, aggregation and more
Jawfish can filter the newsfeeds you select to only display the stories you want, and can aggregate stories from multiple newsfeeds, giving you a high degree of control over what it shown on your site. You can also control fonts, colors, sizes, and more to ensure that the news integrates perfectly into the look and feel of your website.