Jawfish System Overview - What does "10 newsfeeds" mean?

CSS Basics - An introduction to how to use CSS (cascading style sheets) to format your newsfeeds

Error Messages - Explanations of error messages and how to fix them

Jawfish Tips - Tips and tricks for making the most of Jawfish

Jawfish system overview:

  • "10 newsfeeds" You subscribe to the Jawfish service in batches of 10 newsfeeds. "10 newsfeeds" means two things:
    1. 10 input feeds: You may specify up to 10 newsfeeds from the internet that you would like to display on your website.
    2. 10 output feeds: Each of these 10 feeds may consist of a single input feed, or an aggregation created from multiple input feeds.
  • Each newsfeed from the internet connects to just one input feed (you COULD connect it to more than one, but there is no reason to do so).
  • Each input feed may connect to as many output feeds or aggregations as you wish.
  • Each output feed connects to one webpage on your server, but more than one feed may be connected to any particular page.
  • Since you specify the display formatting for output feeds rather than input feeds, the same input feed may be displayed in different ways in different pages on your site.